Flu Season Business Assessment

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The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) is urging businesses and nonprofit organizations to examine their ability to operate in the event of a flu outbreak. Evaluating specific risks and planning well beforehand for a variety of potential emergencies that could disrupt day-to-day business is critical.

Use IBHS’ free Open for Business resources to develop your business continuity and preparedness plan: DisasterSafety.org/open-for-business


  • Are you concerned that your normal business operations might be interrupted by a flu outbreak?

Yes ❏   No ❏   Unsure 

  • If your employees needed to operate from home, do they have the necessary telecommunications and computer capacity to function?

Yes ❏   No ❏   Unsure 

  • Do your employees have your flu outbreak policies and do they know them? Remember that an outbreak at work can force healthy employees to work longer hours.

Yes ❏   No    Unsure 

  • Are your vital records protected and accessible from alternative locations, e.g. employees’ homes?

Yes ❏   No ❏   Unsure 

  • Have you determined the minimal level at which your business could operate (e.g. staff, resources)?

Yes ❏   No ❏   Unsure 

  • Have you considered how the disruption of travel, meetings or conferences might affect your business?

Yes ❏   No ❏   Unsure 

  • Do you have plans to stay open for business, even if you and your employees must work from home or other locations?

Yes ❏   No ❏   Unsure 

  • Have you considered alternatives if your current suppliers cannot deliver or your customer base is affected by the flu outbreak?

Yes ❏   No ❏   Unsure 

Score Explanations
Add the number of “yes” answers above to determine how prepared your business is for disruptions due to a flu outbreak.

7-8 Yes: You are well on your way
4-6 Yes: You have lots of work to do
1-3 Yes: You should get started immediately

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