Building Codes

Building Codes: Rating the States

An assessment of residential building code and enforcement systems in hurricane-prone states.

The Benefits of Statewide Building Codes

The Benefits of Statewide Building Codes

An overview of the benefits of statewide building codes.

Rating the States Midterm Update Found Half of Reviewed States Improved Residential Building Codes

IBHS highlights four states that have taken positive action with their residential building code since the publishing of the original Rating the States report in Jan. 2012.

IBHS Updates its Rating the States Building Code Report

IBHS has updated its Rating the States Report, which reviews the progress the 18 most hurricane-prone coastal states along the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Seaboard have made in strengthening their residential building codes.

Protecting Maryland Building Codes Makes Good Fiscal Sense

Governor’s signing of a new law on May 16 prohibits weakening of wind provisions in Maryland building codes.

How Strong Are Your State’s Building Codes?

New law offers grants to strengthen building code enforcement

Importance of Strong Building Codes in Earthquake-Prone States

An in-depth look at building codes in three earthquake-prone regions: New Madrid/Wabash Valley Seismic Zone, South Carolina, and the Pacific West Coast.