Commercial Maintenance

Is BYOD Right for Your Business Continuity Plan?

What you need to know about Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies.

Protecting Vacant Commercial Property

Best practices to help business owners protect vacant commercial properties.

Crisis Communication: A Key Business Continuity Component

Addressing the crisis communication necessary for a business’ employees and specific external stakeholders in relation to a business continuity plan.

Business Resilience: The Importance of “Going Green and Building Strong”

How resilient construction and “going green” can work together.

MODERN BUILDING CODES: The Foundation for Business Protection

The important role of modern building codes in promoting safer commercial buildings.

FORTIFIED: New IBHS Commercial Construction Tools Protect the Bottom Line

An overview of the FORTIFIED program and building resources available to businesses.

Make Telecommuting Part of Your Business Continuity Plan

A closer look at how telecommuting can be a key business continuity tool.

“Usual” Weather In “Unusual” Places: How to Protect your Business in the New Year

Guidance on how to protect your business when atypical severe weather affects your region, from severe winter weather to wind storms.

What’s in Your Business Disaster Recovery Toolbox?

Five plans to help your business prepare, survive and recover from a disaster.

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