Disaster Safety

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Getting Started with FORTIFIED

Getting Started with FORTIFIED

WHAT BEST DESCRIBES YOU? Click on a link below that best describes you: Contractor/Homeowner Counties/Municipalities – Code Officials State Governments Engineers/Architects/Home Designers Evaluators Insurance Agents Housing Nonprofits Realtors Suppliers State Wind Pools   Contractor/Homeowner Logos  (Right click as “Save Target as…”) Download the FORTIFIED Home Logo Download the FORTIFIED Home logo – High Res (EPS) […]

RAC Update – July 2014 Photos and Videos

Photos from Recent Hail Impact Lab Research  (Click on thumbnail photos to view larger) Photos from 2014 Hail Field Study (Click on thumbnail photos to view larger)     IBHS Video on 2014 Hail Field Study

Audio Example

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CA Wildfire Threatens Hundreds of Homes

IBHS Urges Residents to Heed Evacuation Orders

ROOF DRAINAGE FOR COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS: Preventive Maintenance on Gutters, Drains and Scuppers

The importance of good gutter and roof drain maintenance, and the steps business owners can take to avoid preventable damage related from severe weather.

National Building Safety Month

Week 4: Building a Brighter, More Efficient Future

2014 IBHS Hail Field Study

Everything you need to know about the 2014 IBHS hail field study.

IBHS and FORTIFIED Featured on NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News looks at how FORTIFIED building standards can reduce property damage caused by high winds.

Supply Management:

Reducing the weak links in your business’ supply chain.

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