Repair or Replace the Roof

Is it time to repair or replace the roof?

The roof over your head takes a pounding due to weather and can become weaker with age – and it’s really all that is standing between you, your belongings and the outside elements. Knowing when to repair or replace the roof is an important step toward protecting your property in a disaster.

Building science experts at the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety have studied roof damage after disasters and at the IBHS Research Center. The findings have led to ways to affordable, effective ways to make a roof perform better in all kinds of weather conditions. Use the following resources to develop your own plan for creating a stronger, safer roof for your home or business.  

Why Do Strong Roofs Matter? 

Watch this video from testing at the IBHS Research Center to see what high winds can do to your home’s roof. Are you a business owner? Watch this video to see why stronger commercial construction matters.

What You Need to Know About Roof Inspections

Scheduling a roof inspection is a good idea if your area has recently experienced a disaster, if your roof is older than five years, or if you are buying an existing home. It’s also something best handled by a professional. 

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Ask IBHS: Roof Inspection Checklists

If a roof inspection reveals a problem, being informed will help you feel more comfortable and confident when deciding how to invest your money in repairs, re-roofing or replacing the roof.

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