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Creating a First Line of Defense Against High Wind, Hail and Wildfire

OFB-EZ Goes Mobile

IBHS’ business continuity toolkit, OFB-EZ, now is available as a mobile app.

Prevent Roof Collapse on Homes

Guidance for understanding how much snow is too much for your home’s roof to handle.

Advancing Building Science to Enhance Business Protection

Recent research from IBHS

IBHS Freezing Weather Maintenance Checklist

Don’t wait to prepare for freezing weather, take action now.

FORTIFIED HomeTM Evaluator Training

Find out how you can become a FORTIFIED HomeTM Evaluator

Disaster Safety Review

New Edition of Disaster Safety Review Highlights IBHS’ Latest Research

NOAA Administrator Visits IBHS Research Center

NOAA Administrator and Under Secretary of Commerce Dr. Kathryn Sullivan visits the IBHS Research Center.

Building a Legacy

FORTIFIED Home – Hurricane is designed to help homeowners build safer, stronger new and existing homes in hurricane-prone areas.

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