Severe thunderstorms frequently are accompanied by hailstorms. As population density has increased and spacing between residential and commercial buildings has decreased in many metropolitan areas, there has been rapid growth in the number of hailstorms that cause hundreds of millions of dollars – or more than a billion dollars in damage. Property owners pay for this damage in several ways, including through inconvenience and being responsible for insurance policy deductibles when losses occur. Fortunately, impact-resistant roof covers can reduce losses and associated property ownership costs.

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2013 IBHS Characteristics of Severe Hail Field Research Summary

A summary of the 2013 IBHS hail field study that collected data on 685 hailstones.

2014 IBHS Hail Field Study

Everything you need to know about the 2014 IBHS hail field study.

2015 IBHS Hail Field Study

Resources for the 2015 IBHS hail field study.

Characteristics of Severe Hail 2012 Pilot Field Study: Data Analysis Summary

A summary of the 2012 pilot study that measured and cataloged more than 200 hailstones.

Disaster Safety Review Highlights IBHS Hail Research

The latest issue of Disaster Safety Review examines recent hail field research, vinyl siding studies at the IBHS Research Center, and looks at Sandy by the numbers.

Hailstorm Demonstration (2013)

The first-ever indoor hailstorm demonstration.

IBHS Field Research: RICOWI Hail Investigation

Post-cat hailstorm investigation project conducted by the Roofing Industry Committee on Weather Issues (RICOWI), which includes IBHS.

IBHS Hailstorm Demonstration Results

A summary of the first-ever indoor hailstorm demonstration.

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