High Winds

High winds due to thunderstorms, tornadoes and other wind events are not just a coastal issue and cause millions – and often billions – of dollars in property damage each year. Roofs are frequently damaged in high winds. In fact, roof cover damage is present in 85 percent to 95 percent of wind-related insured property losses each year. Building science research has identified many affordable ways to strengthen roofs against wind damage. Among the most important factors are how well the roof is connected and the age and type of the roof covering.

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Commercial High Wind Test (2012)

Resources to help create stronger masonry structures based on the latest building science.

IBHS High Wind Resources

Reduce your risks using IBHS high wind resources.

Inspection Checklist: Roof Damage

Use this checklist to identify the most common sources of roof damage.

Maintaining Steep-Sloped Roofs

Proper maintenance will reduce costly repairs.

Maintenance: Water Damage Solutions

Guidance for addressing areas vulnerable to water damage.

Making the Right Connections

Strong roof-to-wall connections are critical to achieving the best performance in high wind conditions, including hurricanes and tornadoes.

Re-Roofing: Re-Nail Roof Deck

Take advantage of the opportunity to strengthen the decking when replacing the roof.

Repair or Replace the Roof

Everything you need to know about creating a stronger, safer roof for your home or business.

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