The roof, windows and all doors in your home or business are the most vulnerable to damage when hurricane-force winds and drains pummel an area. Wind and water damage can lead to costly repairs, and possibly destroy your property. Fortunately, there are many cost-effective things you can do now to reduce the risk of hurricane-related damage. Testing at the IBHS Research Center has identified the best options for protecting your property. Refer to the property protection resources on this page to reduce the risk of damage.

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10 Lessons from Sandy: How to Protect Your Business

Is your business resilient? Read 10 lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy on how you can prepare your business for the next storm.

2014 Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery Resources

2014 Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery Resources

Resources for before and after the storm strikes.

5 Affordable Home Projects to Prepare for a Hurricane

The Five S’s – Shingles, Soffits, Seals, Surroundings and Shutters

5 Ways to Protect Your Home From Water Damage During Hurricane Season

IBHS suggests five projects that you or a professional can do around your home to reduce potential water damage from wind-driven rain or the standing water from a severe storm.

Building Codes: Rating the States

An assessment of residential building code and enforcement systems in hurricane-prone states.

Choosing the Right Materials: Flood

Choosing the Right Materials: Flood

The right material choices will help minimize flood losses.

Commercial High Wind Test (2012)

Resources to help create stronger masonry structures based on the latest building science.

Commercial Roofing: Creating a Stronger Roof

Develop a plan to strengthen one of the most important parts of a building.

Commercial Roofing: Evaluating Existing Roof

How to spot signs that could lead to roof leaks.

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