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2011 Hurricane Demonstration Testing Summary

IBHS research examines how wind-driven rain gets inside a home during hurricane-force winds.

2012 IBHS Hail Field Research Summary

2012 IBHS Hail Field Research Summary

The field project described in this summary provides the first field data on the hardness of hailstones, which is measured as the compressive force required to fracture an individual hailstone.

2013 IBHS Characteristics of Severe Hail Field Research Summary

A summary of the 2013 IBHS hail field study that collected data on 685 hailstones.

ATC Paper: Comparing Wind Loads on Vinyl Siding

Comparing the wind loads experienced by porous exterior siding, wall sheathing, and interior gypsum wall board during full-scale wind tunnel tests with dynamic pressure chamber tests.

ATC Paper: Flow and Pressure Validation of the IBHS Research Center

A comparison of field and full-scale laboratory peak pressures at the IBHS Research Center.

ATC Paper: IBHS FORTIFIED Home Hurricane Program

A description of the FORTIFIED HomeTM Hurricane program, the basis for the levels developed, and the expected benefits in reducing hurricane loss vulnerability.

ATC Paper: Water Entry through Roof Sheathing Joints and Attic Vents

A look at IBHS’ study to evaluate the potential for water entry into the attic through typical vents and through a sealed and unsealed roof deck under wind-driven rain exposures.

Attached Structures High Wind Research

A report on IBHS’ attached structures high wind research at the IBHS Research Center.

Building Codes: Rating the States

An assessment of residential building code and enforcement systems in hurricane-prone states.

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