South Carolina storm repairs are a work in progress

Roof repairs
Repairs are in full force after several tornadoes swept through South Carolina on April 10 causing more than $3 million in damage.

Five weeks after the storm, several homes in Petticoat Junction, one of the areas hit hardest by the storm, are getting roof repairs or are in line for work.

Several of the new rooftops are the work of Robert Miller, who owns Miller’s Building and lives nearby in Beech Island. According to Mr. Miller, ‘work is progressing as the weather allows.’ He estimates that it will take another four months before things are back to normal.

Officials report that tree cleanup is still needed for the Petticoat and Beech Island areas. The South Carolina Department of Transportation plans to continue removing vegetative storm debris in that area until May 29.

The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) offers several tips to help home and business owners recover after a disaster. Some tips include:

‘¢ Report the Loss as Soon as Possible
‘¢ Prepare a list of damaged or lost items
‘¢ Consider adding home safety features
‘¢ Ask the right questions

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