Freezing Weather

Winter weather can cause a number of problems ranging from water leaks to burst pipes and roof collapses. All homes and businesses potentially can be at risk from damage during prolonged periods of freezing temperatures or in the case of heavy snow accumulations. Falling temperatures also mean increased fire dangers linked to the use of heating devices. Rising fuel costs and environmental concerns have resulted in a rise in the use of alternative heating devices, which can pose increased property risks if not properly installed and maintained.

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Advice for Staying Safe and Warm

If you are at home and without power, IBHS offers guidance for using alternative heating devices.

Build a Plan for a Power Outage

How to safely keep the heat and lights on during a power outage.

Disaster Planning: There’s an App for That

The new Know Your Plan app gives you the mobile power and organization to help keep your family and your home safer during a disaster.

Do Icicles Indicate a Risk of Ice Dams?

Learn if you’re at risk of costly ice dams when icicles appear.

Four Steps to Prevent Roof Damage Caused by Heavy Snow and Ice

Find out how heavy snow and ice strains your roof and puts you at risk of significant property damage.

Getting Your Business Ready for Severe Winter Weather

IBHS offers a checklist of winter weather maintenance/repair recommendations for businesses.

IBHS Freezing Weather Maintenance Checklist

Learn how you can prepare your property for severe winter weather.

IBHS Guide to Freezing and Bursting Pipes

How pipes freeze and burst, and what to do to prevent damage.

IBHS Last-Minute Winter Weather Checklist

Last-minute winter weather guidance for protecting homes and businesses.

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