Open for Business® Basic

The Open for Business™ Basic Toolkit consists of several units, available in full or individually below.

Also available in Spanish

                    • Computer Equipment and Software
                    • Critical Business Functions
                    • Critical Supplies
                    • Critical Telephone Numbers
                    • Disaster Response Checklist
                    • Disaster Response Inventory
                    • Employee Contacts 
                    • Equipment/Machinery/Vehicles
                    • Key Contacts
                    • Key Vendors/Suppliers
                    • Miscellaneous Resources
                    • Property Protection Checklist
                    • Recovery Location
                    • Self Assessment
                    • Vital Records
                    • Voice/Data Communications


Open for Business™ Basic Trainer

We understand that many small business owners or managers live and breathe their jobs. This leaves little time to devote to planning ahead for a disaster that may never strike. It’s a risky balance because if a business interruption does occur, those who have a financial stake in the business may never recover.

To help ease the planning process, IBHS has created this FREE online training series to help with time management as you follow along with the Open for Business® toolkit. This series consists of eight sessions, accompanied by assignments. By the end of each session, you will have completed another part of your Open for Business® toolkit, culminating in your completed business continuity plan. 

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